Steering Committee

The Chapter Steering Committee consists of a Chapter Director, Secretary, Finance Director, Membership Director and Program Director. These elected officers serve a one-year term commencing August 1 and can serve two consecutive terms in a single position. The Communications Chair and Scholarship Chair are non-elected positions and are not subject to term limits. Director positions may be shared.SaveSave


Director-at-Large | Marianne San Millan
Director-at-Large | Kimberlee Centera
Director | Rose Bowlus
Sponsorships Chair | Michaela Egan
Memberships Co-Chair | Tori Baird
Memberships Co-Chair | Lisa DeMarco
Communications Co-Chair | Natalie Toon
Communications Co-Chair | Alba Forns
Scholarships Chair | Vanessa Faucher
Programs Co-Chair |Akhila Krishnan
Programs Co-Chair | Peggy Hock
Secretary | Emily Corrow
Onboarding Chair | Bailie Lohman
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