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Women of Renewable Industries and Sustainable Energy (WRISE) is on a mission! As you know, WRISE promotes the education, professional development, and advancement of women to achieve a strong diversified workforce and support a robust renewable energy economy. Through generous corporate and personal donations, we were able to send lucky recipients to AWEA Windpower (spotlight below), Solar Power International (upcoming), as well as to the WRISE Leadership Forum all on scholarship. We have hosted numerous networking events and lunch & learns around the emerging offshore wind market, learning leadership skills from the Navy’s first woman test fighter pilot, women’s financial wellness, as well as insightful book club meetups.

While we made huge strides in our mission to achieve (or surpass!) parity in the percentage of women in the renewable energy sector, we have more work to do on the back of this momentum! A 2019 IRENA study found that women still only represent 32% of the renewable energy workforce, and a lower percentage of that in positions requiring STEM skills. Your organization’s sponsorship can help WRISE San Diego achieve our mission and put a spotlight on companies like yours that are shaping our industry. We can’t do this without you!

Katrine Myrseth, 2019 WINDPOWER Scholarship Recipient

AWEA Windpower Scholarship recipient – Katrine Myrseth

“I have to convey how grateful I am to WRISE San Diego for the WRISE Scholarship, which gave me the chance to attend AWEA WINDPOWER 2019.”

“Tuesday and Wednesday were the core days of the conference with full hustle and bustle in the large exhibition hall. My first impression was an overwhelming sight of men in suits standing everywhere, having business meetings at the booths and in the aisles. I therefore, appreciated the opportunity to attend WRISE’s luncheon on Wednesday. It was refreshing and inspiring seeing so many women gathered in one room.”

“The other woman who enthralled me was Megan Amsler, who I had the privilege and honor to have a lengthy talk with after her participation in the panel debate about “The Role of Wind in a Distributed Energy Future”. She has founded her own non-profit called Cape & Island Self-Reliance. Through hearing them speak, I realized that it is within THIS space, in which they work, that I belong and would like to contribute! The take home message was: -Get involved early in the process and sit around the table with the developers, ask the right questions that need to be asked and find solutions to the problems!”

“I hope to put my new insight and inspiration from AWEA WINDPOWER 2019 to good use here in San Diego and would love to take a seat at the table during early talks for development of offshore wind projects here in California.”

For more details on the various sponsorship levels with benefits of each category, please see below. You may register to be a sponsor today using the form below!

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WRISE San Diego Sponsorship Levels

Lunch and Learn Sponsor
(provides lunch and meeting space for attendees. Expected cost around $500.) Email Keri Minnick at if you would like to be a Lunch and Learn Sponsor

  • Unlimited attendance for employees of sponsor
  • 5-10 minute company presentation at start of event
  • Chance for company representatives to mingle with WRISE members (potential employees or clients)

WRISE Chapter Sponsor

Microwatt – $250

    • Your Company’s Logo posted on the WRISE San Diego Chapter website
    • Promote your sponsorship of WRISE in your own communications
    • One “company feature” posted on WRISE San Diego Social Media accounts. Company feature is determined by sponsor and can include company profile, business news, etc.

Milliwatt – $500
All features of Microwatt sponsorship PLUS:

    • One additional company feature on social media accounts (total: 2 per year)
    • One job posting featured in our e-mail blast to members

Kilowatt – $1,000
All features of Milliwatt sponsorship PLUS:

    • Company feature also included in standalone e-mail blast to all members.
    • Your Company’s Logo included in all WRISE San Diego e-mail blasts.
    • Receive verbal recognition of sponsorship at all WRISE San Diego events.
    • One additional job posting featured in our e-mail blast to members (total: 2 per year)

Megawatt – $2,500
All features of Kilowatt sponsorship PLUS:

    • Company presence at WRISE San Diego events, including:
    • Logo display on signage or other presentation/printed materials used at all events
    • Ability to provide swag at events with their logo
    • Company may send one attendee for free to each event (discount code provided upon request)
    • One additional job posting featured in our e-mail blast to members (total: 3 per year)

Gigawatt – $5,000
All features of Megawatt sponsorship PLUS:

    • Company Representative may present at single event for 5-10 minutes.
    • One additional job posting featured in our e-mail blast to members (total: 4 per year)
    • Additional free attendees at each event (total: 2 per event)

Terawatt – $8,000
All features of Gigawatt sponsorship PLUS:

    • Complete sponsorship of one of our conference scholarships to AWEA, SPI, or WRISE Leadership Forum.
    • Company will receive full credit for scholarship in e-mail blasts requesting applications.
    • Company will receive full credit for scholarship on WRISE San Diego website where recipient biography and conference recaps are posted.

Please email Keri Minnick at for more information about our local sponsorship opportunities.

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