Yoga & Wine Tasting with WRISE San Diego

WRISE San Diego hosted a Yoga & Wine Tasting event on June 2, 2023. Participants enjoyed a rejuvenating yoga session led by our Communications Co-Char, Natalie Toon, as well as delectable food and fine wine from Mia Marie vineyards, courtesy of our generous sponsor, AWG. The event fostered a sense of well-being, connection, and celebration, leaving attendees with lasting memories. WRISE San Diego continues to thrive in its commitment to organizing engaging and uplifting activities for its members.

This event was generously sponsored by AWG.

Webinar: Offshore Wind Development in the United States

On April 26th, WRISE San Diego joined WRISE Los Angeles to learn about offshore wind development in the United States from Dr. Matt Shields, Senior Offshore Wind Analyst at NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory).

Dr. Shields covered national/federal deployment targets, state policies, ongoing activities, and BOEM leasing activities. The focus was on floating offshore wind technology, which is being pursued on the west coast due to water depth considerations. He discussed the costs, feasibility, spatial variations, key drivers, and infrastructure challenges such as ports and transmission. Stakeholder engagement and outreach were emphasized, with questions from the audience addressed.

WRISE San Diego Professional Mixer

We were delighted to organize a Professional Mixer hosted at the residence of our Co-Programs Chair, Peggy Hock. The event served as an excellent platform for attendees to reconnect with familiar faces and forge valuable new connections, while catching up on market trends, the IRA, and a everything in between!

WRISE San Diego-Clark Hill Mixer: Happy Hour & Fireside Chat

Our April 6th Fireside Chat and Happy Hour was graciously sponsored by Clark Hill, whose support made the event possible. We were delighted to have Steve Recchia and Peggy Hock deliver an informative and captivating presentation on the advantages and essential insights for the renewable energy industry under the Inflation Reduction Act. The session not only provided valuable information but also fostered an interactive Q&A session and facilitated networking opportunities among attendees.

Coffee & Conversation with Abby Hopper

Coffee & Conversation<br />
with Abby Hopper

Our February 15th Coffee and Conversation event featured Abby Hopper, President & CEO of Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) as the host and speaker. The event offered attendees a remarkable networking platform and a valuable opportunity to gain insights from Abby’s extensive experience in the solar industry.

WRISESD Coffee Conversation with Abby Hopper, February 2023


WRISE Week was a huge success and specifically, members of our San Diego Chapter really enjoyed attending our “WRISE and Put Your Best Face Forward” event on Wednesday, July 20th and obtained their FREE PROFESSIONAL HEADSHOT!

And, what a great event it was! Gathering at Hera Hub Sorrento Valley was fantastic and a central meeting place for many of our members.

All of us were excited to get some fabulous pictures taken and enjoy an in-person event again with good food, great wine, and lots of missed conversation!

The evening was topped off by our guest speaker, Dr. Silvia Mah of Stella. Our members were thrilled to hear about all of the wonderful things Stella is doing to support female founders and their young startups, especially in the renewable energy space! Our very own Akhila Krishnan won the raffle for a complimentary pass to the Stella sponsored Women’s Venture Summit that’s happening in September! We are so very thankful to Silvia for donating the pass for our raffle and supporting our event by inviting us to the Hera Hub Sorrento Valley location! What a remarkable space and central location!!

2022 WRISE Week at WRISESD
2022 WRISE Week at WRISESD
2022 WRISE Week at WRISESD